Bring Spoken Dialogue Systems capabilities tested on
the International Space Station to your application.

Speaking is natural and easy. Conversation is one of our most powerful and flexible tools. Spoken dialogue systems bring this advantage to the human-machine interface. They are the ideal solution when keyboards are not a good option or when users need to attend to other tasks. A well-designed spoken dialogue interface can attract new users, improve efficiency, improve access to information, and save money.

Speech and language technology is rapidly evolving. Current spoken dialogue systems access flight information, bus schedules, provide banking and commercial transactions, and control devices in cars. More conversational interfaces, like those developed with the Regulus open source platform, will expand the range of applications that can benefit from this technology, including customer service, computer assistants, applications requiring sophisticated command and control, and interactive training. The benefits are not limited to spoken systems, the Natural Language Processing and Language Understanding technologies are also useful in text based applications, such as search or data analysis.

BAHRC LLC has core developers of the first Spoken Dialogue System in Space and the Regulus platform that powered it. Our approach to Conversational Interface Design goes beyond the current commercial state of the art. We know how to take it past proof of concept to actual deployment. With over 20 years of experience in Computational Linguistics, Speech Technology, and Linguistics, we can:

  • Research speech and language technology solutions
  • Develop specifications
  • Build prototypes and demos
  • Train your personnel
  • Evaluate speech and language technology products
  • Develop software